Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rob sighting in NYC with Tomstu and Emilie

Here is a report from one of our readers. She is legit, the report/sighting/hearsay is true. She was very respectful to Rob and she didn’t want me to share the location so I won’t :)

Some sites reported a Rob sighting at a bar with a blond woman last night (vague enough?) Well we uncover the mystery blond :))

Here is her report:

I was at a bar last night and Rob was there with TomStu and Emilie de Ravin and about 5 other young hipster types with accents. He and TomStu left their black hoodies up the whole time and he and Emilie were chatty in a friendly way.

I didn’t get there til 12:15 AM, but they were there when I got there and didn’t leave til 2 am. TomStu, Emilie and Rob left together. Not a single person asked for an autograph or a picture. Everyone just let him be. There were also a few other celebs at the bar (which is tiny, btw)…including Danny Masterson, Ben Foster and Alexis Dziena.

Such a small, dark place and he was surrounded by friends at all times. I just knew it would ruin everything if he saw me take a pic -for him and for me! I still can’t believe he was just chillin there for so long without any interuption and I was right there chillin too.

Funfact: I have never been happier to be a smoker (I know, I know). The smoking area was small and a lot of people were crammed in, so at one point I had to squeeze past Rob and say “excuse me”, to even get into the designated area (the bouncer was mean about everyone cramming in and not spilling into the sidewalk), which earned me a smile and polite step to the side.

Other Funfact: I was almost as starstruck by TomStu as I was for Rob! He was discussing his favorite books with someone outside in this little smoker’s area and sounded so passionate and informed. Love intellectual guys. The accent didn’t hurt.



Sheena said...

Does anyone know which pub this was? I'm going to New York next week and want to check out some cool pub/bars while I'm there. Sounds like my kind of place;)

java.gurl said...
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java.gurl said...

oh pooey! he is not there now! come on be a sport..please tell us :) please :)

Brie said...

Hi! I was in NOHO/SOHO, NYC Sat night w/my 3 triplet 16 yr old sons...we stayed at same hotel as Rob in NOHo...2 of my sons saw him walk in w a friend..unshaved looking grubby! Later, as we ate in hotel's outside rest...peeps started running w/cells in hand as well as cameras screamin RP's name...was too quick to take action! Found out Keanu Reeves, RPatz and memeber of Cold Play band staying at our hotel too. Saw Keanus motorcycle on side ent...same ent that Rob entered. I will not name hotel, but will give hint...its off Bleecker sp? St, Rob even sign autograph at deli across Street while buying ciggs at 10.30 a pack! Saw him again on Sunday in SoHo...was so quick and my cell camera sucks! One of my sons going to NYFA 4 Film Directing, he looks alot like Rob, check out site " IBEATYOU" Edward Cullin look alike contest...his entries are ranked # 1 and 2..(name used...why am i doing this and Zmanrules or Zack, was contacted by agent re Unbound Captives for role as a 17 yr old Rob! I have cell photo from our room at the hotel just in case u think I am not honest...just wanted to share w/u all! BTW, did not see any notices of permits at Wash Square or nearby areas..know part of film to be done at NYU!

AJ said...

Hey Mandy,

This story originated with a post at www.robsessedPattinson.com.

I knew you would want to give the right credit. Goz works very hard to keep her site up-to-date with the latest Rob news.


Stephanie said...

Hi Brie! I am going to be visiting NYC with my friend in the coming weeks. We would love to be so lucky to see him around SoHo/NoHo during our vacation. Could you please be so kind to tell me where you stayed while you were there? Or at least a little more info? I am not familiar with NYC at all. Feel free to email me at travelinggirl2009@gmail.com to keep it as private as possible. Thank you!!!

JessicaS1 said...

I saw Rob with a petite long haired pretty blond wearing HIS Navy baseball cap leaving her building @ 200 Chambers st in tribeca! this is the same girl they were chatting abt on Extra! We asked her doorman but all we got was her first name and that's all he wld say, they were all smiles I can tell you that!!!!! they jumped into the back of a car, talk abt being at the right place 2 the right time!! I caught a phone pic! her name was katelyn was all the info i cld get! will update!!!!! :)))))))

JessicaS1 said...

I am going by her building again, my friend just fyi'd me that he's been in that building a lot and going in the back way as well!! still I know it's a sure way to spot him, I hv read it on other Rob sites as well! who is this girl??? she's NOT a celeb, but she is in and out of her building, and meeting up with him.. if you see her post it! where she goes is where you'll find Rob! she's like 5'3, semi wavy/straight blond hair.. how do I upload pic????