Thursday, December 17, 2009

More info about last night and a tweet from the birthday girl :)

From the birthday girl :)

Mark Malkin also has a report and new paparazzi video (Again the warning, dont watch if you dont like them)

For the second time in as many years, Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry came together to help a mutual friend celebrate her birthday.

The Twilight star and pop music hitmaker did some partying into the wee hours last night at Dimples karaoke bar in Burbank for actress Shannon Woodward's big day...

"Rob showed up at about 11:15 and Katy about an hour later," a bar spy tells us.
Pattinson didn't do any singing, but did smoke "like a chimney," says our source.

Perry belted out "All I Want for Christmas." We're told she wasn't exactly on key and apparently cracked something along the lines of, "I can't believe I get paid for this."

Pattinson and Perry were on hand last year at Il Sole restaurant when Woodward hosted a dinner for a small group of friends. (She costars in indie flick Girlfriend with Twilight star Jackson Rathbone.)

Also on hand at Dimples last night was our E! News pal Ashlan Gorse, who happened to be celebrating her B-day, too.


Sleeper said...

About birthday girl's Shannon Woodward twit, there's new comment on one of the party goer's twitter @karlihenriquez:
The night was filled with whip cream, lightsabers and flashing lights ;) HAHAHAHAH! Who knew @fatdaniel was bffs with RPatz

And there are two pics from the celebration:

And rest of the twits:
@fatdaniel: ready to get some sleep! @karlihenriquez why do the papperazzi get all crazy when we go out??? btw she gets free corn
@SadaoTurner: Radar caught my homegirl @karlihenriquez at karaoke bar w/ Rob Pattinson & Katy Perry:

Sleeper said...

New twits about Rob, from those paparazzi videos:
@Thia2: @In4mationBrand Looks like RPattz was wearing one of your t's last night, fyi! // haha craze.
@Thia2 thanks for sending us that!
www.twitter/@In4mationBrand (brand of street clothes)