Friday, July 2, 2010

Rob and his hoodie on the Water For Elephants set today

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It's not Rob's car. It's the studio's car, but since some of you asked, I covered the plate


Looking to be ready for a weekend break, Robert Pattinson was spotted mulling around on the "Water for Elephants" set in Los Angeles, California on Friday (July 2).

The hunky 24-year-old actor had his hoodie pulled over his head, quickly making his way to his trailer after running through the morning's scenes.


HQ source: Pattinsonlife


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@ papagaj LOL LOL LOL

reshma said...

loving this Rob-in-hood:)

twilightnan said...

I've read in another site that there were loads of paparazzi where he is shooting must be hard to go incognito especially if you're Robert Pattinson,and having Dean nearby which is a definite give away as the saying goes for twifans..where Dean goes we follow there is 99 % Rob will be nearby!!Hi to FF..Iluvthemovies,Yaelfica and Mrs.Deen..hope you're all enjoying the Eclipse w/end..and Happy Independence Day 4th July 2010!!and kisses to grandma !x

twilightnan said...

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY TO KRISTEN!!hopefully will be spending sometimes with Rob during this w/end!!

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